GOPex/ Forwardontics Course

San Mateo County Dental Society Redwood City, CALIFORNIA


February 01 -03, 2019



“Effective early intervention in orthodontics: A novel approach that pays dividends”

Why treating early with the influence of posture in the development of the face has dramatic positive gains for the growing child. How developing an understanding of the root causes behind malocclusion can be utilized to reduce the adverse effects of poor growth patterns. What simple exercise programmes and removable appliances can aid in the redirection to good growth trends and provide beautiful outcomes.

Learning Objectives

The identification, evaluation, control and neutralization of worsening factors in a developing malocclusion.

Evaluating facial growth patterns and a rational choice of diagnostic and therapeutic orthodontic treatment procedures.

Minimizing skeletal, dentoalveolar and muscular problems, by the end of the transition to the permanent dentition.

Programme Outline

Growth modification
Patient co-operation
Early treatment philosophy
Age Under 6 and Preteen diagnosis and treatment
Oral habits: thumb, tongue, pacifier
Posterior cross bite
Anterior cross bite
Allergies, adenoids and airways
Eruption problems
Expansion appliances
Reverse pull face mask
Harmonizing width of the dental arches
Improving speech problems
Simplifying and/or shorting treatment time for later corrective orthodontics
Reducing the likelihood of impacted permanent teeth
Maintaining leeway space
Myo-postural therapy
Maintaining early treatment changes as the face matures
Interceptive therapies in Class III malocclusions
Treatment and prevention of craniomandibular disorders in paediatric dentistry
Prevention and treatment of periodontal problems in interceptive orthodontics
Prevention and treatment of dental trauma

Practical Application


Initial discussion and introduction to Growth Guidance principles for the layperson
Logical explanations and analogies
Analysis, diagnosis and treatment planning
Contracts, consents and financial plans
Case presentation strategies

Clinical Tips

Record taking
Appliance design, lab communication and appliance evaluation
Appliance issues and instructions
Repair strategies
Compliance evaluation and strategy
Myo Postural Exercise





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