Forwardontics Transdisciplinary Approach

Boston MA


June 24th, 2021

JUNE 24, 2021 | 8 HRS

Introductory 1 Day Virtual-Hands-On Course

415 Summer St., Boston 02210


This course is a must for anyone who wants to work in cross-disciplinary teams. We will learn to use tools such as Vacuum Activators to improve the breathing of children and adults.


1) Forwardontics Transdiciplinary Approach (2 hours aprox.)

  • • Work with ENT/Surgeons and other colleagues to address patient’s issues efficiently
  • • Build solid professional support groups
  • • Increase quality referrals to your practice
  • • Incorporate new treatment modalities to your practice
  • • Integrate sleep therapies into your processes

2) GOPex (Good Oral Posture exercises) (2 hours aprox.)

  • • Train your staff to to use the GOPex app to correct poor oral/body posture
  • • Help your patients achieve a close mouth posture during sleep
  • • Teach how to grow, feel, look and breath better

3) Practical treatments (3 hours aprox)

  • • 4 activators to generate correct oral posture
  • • Expansion with Stage 1 semi-rapid contact resorption
  • • Use of the BOW bimaxillary protraction mask
  • • Surgical and adult treatment with power expander and MMA

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A $50 cancellation fee will be applied for any payments that are cancelled beginning June and 10 days after the meeting (June 24th, 2021).

Cancellations received after June 24th, 2021 will not be approved.

Wilfried Engelke Dr. Wilfried Engelke (Germany)

Sandra Kahn Dr. Sandra Kahn (USA)

Dr. Sandra Kahn D.D.S., M.S.D is a graduate from the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, California. She began her work in orthodontics with a specialty in physical anthropology at the University of California in Berkeley focusing her studies on human craniofacial growth and development. After 22 years of clinical experience in orthodontics treating thousands of patients, Dr. Kahn was not satisfied with traditional orthodontics as a solution for treating her own children. In 2013, she retired from "traditional" orthodontics to focus in orthodontics related to a healthy airway, with a concentration on pediatric prevention of long-term Obstructive Sleep Apnea  Her approach is to treat the entire face and not just the teeth. Dr. Kahn has been invited to serve on craniofacial anomalies teams at both Stanford University and the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF).  Dr. Sandra Kahn is an author and international lecturer on the topic of airway centric orthodontics. Dr. Sandra Kahn is currently the only Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics that practices exclusively Biobloc Orthotropics and airway-centric orthodontics.

Jose de Jesus Rangel Dr. Jose de Jesus Rangel (México)

Marisa Santos Dr. Marisa Santos (Argentina)

Marisa Santos is a pediatric dentist graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and Orthodontic Specialist from Universidad Catolica Argentina (UCA). She developed as Professor in Orthodontic Specialization first at Maimonides University (2008-2016) and now at UAI University. In 2014 she achieved a Diploma in London School of Facial Orthotropics with Professor John Mew. Nowadays, Dr. Santos is head of course with focus in teaching how to treat children from six months to eight years in the Argentine Orthodontic Society. After more than 25 years treating children, Dr. Santos specializes in early interdisciplinary intervention and airway. Early treatment gives the child the chance of improving general health, correcting body posture improving airway and helping with the treatment of OSA. Since 2019 Dr. Santos is working as GOPex reviewer and trainer of both Doctors and patients internationally. GOPex app is a tool to help kids achieve the best postural habits for optimum face and airway development resulting in long-term health.




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