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What is Forwardontics?

Forwardontics is a descriptive term for the general public and includes all treatments that focus on forward development of teeth and jaws in both children and adults. Forwardontics, in contrast to the remainder of orthodontics, focuses on the face and the causes of malocclusion. It is most often practiced by dentists who, having seen the disappointing results of standard orthodontics (cases of facial damage, airway restricting, pain, lack of long-term alignment stability, and so on), have embraced this therapy as a viable alternative. 

Dr. Sandra Kahn

With more than 20 years of experience in the clinical field, Dr. Kahn was not satisfied with traditional orthodontics, so she began Forwardontics as a a way to treat the entire face and not just the teeth.


Our GOPex Program

The GOPex program, Good Oral Posture exercises is a regimen that can help guide children to acquire the habits that will foster excellent facial and jaw development