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Breathe 4.0 Course Recording

Breathe 4.0 Course Recording

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Improve your breathing, improve your life!

Introduction to the Up-Lock technique.

We all know, that the nose, mouth and throat are the three compartments that are involved in breathing. The Biofunctional Model, developed by Dr. Engelke introduces the concept of dividing the oral compartment into two separate spaces, hence Breathe 4.0. This provides a intelligent system to understand, treat and optimize the upper respiratory tract. Up-lock technology supports individuals and therapists in achieving excellent improvements in health, sleep and athletics.

The up-lock technique is your key to optimized breathing.

Our latest course. Ten hours recorded in 12 sessions.

60 day rental of the course. Can be viewed in up to 3 different devices

There are no refunds for this item.

In english with spanish subtitles

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